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Your biological and holistic dentist in Barcelona

A biological dentist is a dental professional who focuses on holistic dental health, addressing not only dental problems, but also their impact on the body and overall health.

In our biological dental clinic, we use safe dental materials, avoiding chemicals and toxins to protect health and wellbeing.

How we work

We believe in combining traditional medicine and new biological therapies to offer our patients

the safest and most effective treatments.

We use materials free of mercury and harmful alloys

We analyse and evaluate the quantity and quality of metals in the mouth to determine whether they can cause galvanic microcurrents or other interactions that can harm the patient. We use biocompatible materials and avoid heavy metal contamination by following safe substitution protocols.

Biological therapies

In combination with traditional medicine, we use biological medication such as homoeopathy and phytotherapy to prevent postoperative complications and treat infections of oral origin, which are alternative treatment methods that have been shown to be effective and have fewer side effects than conventional medications.

Low-metal dentistry

We prioritize the use of metal-free prosthetics as far as possible in order to minimize any potential negative health effects, and if necessary, we carefully evaluate the best alternatives to ensure they are tailored to the unique needs of each patient. We maintain a strict policy of not using any materials containing Bisphenol A, a chemical compound that has been linked to numerous health concerns.

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